Joining as a Founder of the Digital Publishers Academy with Chris Record is a smart decision

If you would like to know how Chris Record, Tai Lopez, Adrian Morrison, Anik Singal and almost every other successful online entrepreneurs make their money – well, the answer is easy. Though without exception they have multiple revenue streams coming from various business ventures and partnerships, the one thing that is universal to all of their revenue models is something called digital publishing.

You can earn up to 80% Commission by Launching and Publishing Digital Courses in the Tecademics Marketplace!

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The Tecademics Digital Publisher Marketplace will contain digital training courses exclusively developed by Tecademics Digital Publishers Academy students who have purchased the Digital Publishers Academy and completed The 3-day Certification at Tec Talks 2017.

The Digital Publishers Academy is a very special opportunity for everyone to learn how to create courses from scratch. During the training participants will receive ideas for courses when they attend Tec Talks 2017 the Entrepreneur Conference August 25th to the 27th in Scottsdale Arizona. In addition, Chris will be revealing a full blueprint for how to develop the subject matter and leverage existing information and materials. Hint- you don’t need to reinvent the wheel!

How to Earn Up To 80% Commission.

As a Publisher, when you sell courses in the Tecademics Marketplace you earn 40% Publisher Commissions on every program that you produce. In addition, Tecademics Affiliates keep 40% commissions when they promote courses featured in the marketplace. This is how you can earn 80% of the sales price when you create (40%) and sell (40%) your own courses!

Everyone knows the challenge when you sell a product is accessing your market. The silver bullet with Tecademics and the Digital Publishers Marketplace is that with a quarter of a million members your courses will get exposure to a massive potential audience, the Tecademics Community, as well as tens of thousands of potential affiliates, all who can and will promote your courses.

So the only question is, will you join at the Publisher level or Founder level?

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Or you can get the silver bullet and join at the Founder level.

Total value:

Publisher’s Fee = $1,000

Course Fee = $1,000

TecTalks Photoshoot = $1,000

Tec Designed Sales Funnel = $2,000

Course Listed as Featured Product in Tecademics Marketplace = $5,000

2-Day Mastermind at Chris’ Mansion = $10,000

Total Value = $20,000

75% Purchase now discount = Only $4997 When you Purchase NOW!


(Disclosure: some links are affiliate links which means I may receive a small fee should you choose to learn how you can earn up to 80% commissions by making and launching your own digital courses.)

It’s safe to say that if you are reading this article, you are dedicated to changing your life for the better. If that description fits you then you can skip the fluff and go straight to one of the following pages which detail how anyone can take advantage of this incredible opportunity. Though very few will make seven or eight figures, for many people, even an extra couple thousand a month can be impactful. (It is important to note that there is no guarantee of earnings made by this author or the owner of any training program. As with any education program, how the information is applied upon learning has a critical bearing on the outcome. But, if you follow the blueprint that is carefully laid out in Chris Records Digital Publishers Academy program, you will likely achieve huge success. Still, mileage will vary. So why not bet on hitting it out of the park?

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If you want the quick start, then you really should join as a Founder which will maximize your earnings and help you achieve success by working directly with Chris Record in a small group setting at his Scottsdale Arizona mansion. As a Founder of Digital Publishers Academy, you will receive the benefit of $20,000 worth of training and education for a 75% discount.

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