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If you have wondered how Chris Record, Tai Lopez, Adrian Morrison, Anik Singal and pretty much every other famous internet entrepreneurs make their money — well, the answer is simple. Though without exception they have multiple revenue streams coming from various partnerships and business ventures, the one universal theme to all of their business models is something called digital publishing.

Watch the video Chris Record introduce the Digital Publishers Academy.


As the cost of college programs has become unaffordable for many, and with the average student forced to take on thousands in student loan debt, parents, students and those looking for retraining are weighing the advantages of traditional higher education versus more useful and cost effective online alternatives.

You are probably thinking, “What is an alternative to a higher learning program?

It’s called the Digital Publishers Academy.

Before we look at Digital Publishers Academy let’s see how anyone can get a piece of the online course market which is poised to exceed $240 Billion by 2021.

Who will those billions go to and how will you capture your share?

Answer: A big portion of the earnings goes directly to the individuals who produce the academic material around their unique and specialknow-how in subjects that intrigue them.

A lot of people have knowledge in subjects that may be shared with others who are interested in the same areas of study. In fact, the literal definition of an expert is not a genius as some think, instead, it’s a person with a higher level of understanding than the typical student who is interested in the same topic. This fact is how everyday people are making money with digital courses. The magic to earning money on the Internet is with something called digital publishing.

Digital Publishers Academy is a training program developed by Chris Record.

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As an Internet marketer looking for information on how to run Facebook advertising campaigns, Chris Record (Co-founder Tecademics) discovered that there was a lack of quality training materials on the topic. Frustrated by this, Chris knew that if he would buy a program, so would many others, and thus he created his first course called Dark Post Profits.

Leveraging Facebook’s own training materials and tutorials, Chris simply repackaged the information into a series of over the shoulder tutorial videos that walked course attendees through the process of setting up a successful Facebook advertising campaign.

This initial program was so successful that subsequent Dark Post Profit training courses, versions 2 and 3, generated $10 million dollars combined

What’s amazing about this story is that Chris would not have been considered a Facebook advertising expert at the time that he published his course.

But what Chris did have, which is the reason he could publish a course and have people buy it, all while not being a real expert on the subject, was a little more knowledge than the desperate entrepreneurs who were struggling to understand how to properly configure their Facebook advertising account and navigate the complexities of configuring a Facebook ads account. Chris walked course attendees through the entire process of setting up an account, creating copy, creating images, and everything needed to run a successful campaign.

Remember, Chris didn’t need to invest 100’s of hours grasping the information and creating the course. Chris used Facebook’s own tutorials to instruct his course.

How incredible is it that you too can get paid to teach a syllabus that already exists? And this is completely ethical since all you are doing is packaging it in a way that your students are more likely to understand it.

I want you to stop, and think for a minute.

What do you know that others do not but may also be interested in?

This information could be the key to you breaking free from the 9 to 5, and getting the flexibility to live the lifestyle you are seeking.

Maybe you are a digital marketer with hugely useful information that others would happily pay $97, $497, $997, or more to you for.

Perhaps you’ve figured out the secret to flipping cars, houses, second hand clothing, electronics and more on Amazon. You may not think these skills are valuable, but there are likely thousands, if not tens of thousands, and for some niches, millions of people who would pay you large sums of money for what you know.

If you still aren’t sure, just keep reading to learn about the teacher who generates $1 million dollars a year through his course. Or the guy who teaches people how to jump, that’s right, jump higher – and he is benefitting from a 7 figure business while living the ultimate laptop lifestyle.

Or maybe you are a Shopify ecom ninja who would love to share your secrets with others looking to break out of the nine to five.

…which BTW, if ecommerce tickles your fancy, don’t miss out on the Tecademics 90 day ECOM CHALLENGE which comes complete with tens of thousands of dollars in prizes, a cool car that will be given away, and a lot of free training…

Let’s get back to digital publishing, to see how anyone can really make money by monetizing that special set of knowledge that they possess.

Enter Rob, who previously was a high school mathematics instructor, who became successful using digital publishing by authoring 4 courses on different programming topics.

Actually, the word success undersells what he did with digital publishing.

How about netting more than $1 million in just nine months. That’s amazing right?

But all was not easy for Rob, which is why the Tecademics Digital Publishing Academy is the preferred way to start making money since it literally will cut months if not years off the loss side of your financial statement. I’m pretty certain that Rob wishes this valuable program existed when he launched his initial course.

The story of how Rob went from $35k a year to nearly 3 times that each month is a good one…

With income from a web hosting company that Rob owned, he buckled down and over a 3 month period of full-time work Rob published his first course, which contained more than 30 hours of training material. The content was good, actually it was great. Remember, Rob is still a teacher by day and a budding entrepreneur at night and on weekends, but when he introduced the program, nobody was buying it.

But he was committed to succeeding, and so he made the difficult choice to enable students to access the course totally free in order to build up some positive testimonials. Rob went on to sell it to his hosting clients all who fit the ideal target audience for the course, and though not all had an interest in the how-to-code topic, a big enough number were interested so that the course started to draw in sales from strangers.

As an “aside”, a key principal inside Digital Publishers Academy, is the concept of using FREE to build momentum.

You may be thinking, ok, I don’t know Rob, but he sounds special. But you may be surprised to learn that, he’s just as “ordinary” as you or me. Let me illustrate…

Perhaps your unique knowledge set is in the area of how to grow the biggest red roses in the harshest of climates. And you may be asking yourself, “who would possibly pay me for this information?”

Regardless of the niche that you are versed in, there is a set of people who share your passion but have not grown at the same level in their knowledge. And this is why, online course creation is perhaps the best method for quickly scaling a business online.

This brings us to one of the most interesting points about niche knowledge, and that is the person who holds the information is so familiar with it that they cannot see how special the information in their head is.

What Special Subject Will You Teach?

Online courses cover a wide range of subjects. Start by taking inventory of your own skills and experiences, particularly if you have actually overcome some obstacles or struggles in the past. Odds are, others are dealing with the same obstacles and could learn from your competence.

Test your concept and don’t be afraid to fail.

After hearing about some of these crazy success stories, one student wanted to try her hand at creating a course and being highly motivated she jumped in after just a few weeks of training, this is her story.

Her first course that she developed was constructed on the topic of hiring virtual assistants in a small company, regretfully, it was a total flop earning just $400 in the first year that it was made available.

But, she was determined to become an online mentor and she didn’t give up. With online business, so much of success secrets are tied to simply not giving up. But I digress.

After reaching a little success with a Kindle book launch, a great deal of peers emailed requesting for advice on their upcoming book launches.

It was a non-technical topic, however one that remained in high need. And interestingly enough, launching books is discussed at length and is well covered online. With just a little time on Google, anyone could have found the same information, and for free. But the point is, they didn’t do this, and instead were happy to buy her program because of her perceived expert status having launched a book herself.

This is another secret you will learn in the Digital Publishers Academy, that you do not need to break new ground with the information you present, you only need to present it in a way that fits the needs of your audience. In fact, you don’t even need to repackage the information, perhaps just the style it is delivered in. Alex Becker is famous for his irreverent style in how he presents his digital marketing and SEO training. Though it may not be for everyone, he has a loyal following who has helped him make more than eight figures online. The point is, the information Alex presents can be gained dozens if not hundreds of other places, but his unique presentation style and no nonsense method of communicating has allowed him to build a small fortune.

Where to Host Your Course.

After you select a subject for your course, the next question is where to host it. How will consumers discover it?

John and Eliot hosted their iOS programming courses by themselves site, meaning they needed to configure the video hosting, payment processing and general technical structure. They’re programmers, though, so it wasn’t a problem.

Rob chose to host his course on Udemy, among the largest marketplaces for offering online courses with more than 5 million registered trainees. Udemy makes it very simple for trainers to obtain started, and they manage all the payment processing and video hosting.

But, earnings share is where it gets tricky, and this is why the Tecademics Marketplace is the perfect platform to host and sell your programs.

Naturally, Udemy needs to earn a profit, however they also rely on outstanding instructors like Rob to develop courses for their website.

The present royalty structure is set up so if Udemy delivers the student to your course through their own natural discovery or through a promotion they run, they’re going to keep the bulk of the profits– up to 75% sometimes.

Check out Tecademics to learn how affordable expert mentorship for digital publishing can be.

Don’t Forget About Marketing.

Your course won’t sell itself, unless you are publishing in the Tecademics Marketplace. For this reason I believe the biggest mistake individuals make when creating an online course is having a “develop it and they will come” mindset.

Whether you host the course yourself, or publish it to an online learning platform such as the Tecademics Marketplace, you will be responsible for sustaining the initial traction and registrations.

In the million-dollar success stories above, there is a unified theme and that is, they had large email lists of prospective clients who were interested in their niche that they could connect with. That suggests if you’re considering releasing a course this year, you need to begin thinking now about how you’re going to let individuals learn about it.

How To Drive Buyers To Your Course.

One strategy that is working right now extremely well is to recruit high-profile affiliate partners. These should be groups with large e-mail lists of their own which they sell your program or course to.

Another tactic is one I’ve already mentioned that involves leveraging a pre-existing platform such as Udemy. Udemy has 5 million active users, which sounds really great, except that standing out from the crowd can be nearly impossible.

This is why I like the Digital Publishers Academy. DPA is operated by parent company Tecademics, and with 250k members and growing, the possibility of connecting with a larger and broader audience is exponentially more than if you were to “go it alone.” Plus, you not only gain access to highly targeted sales prospects, but you will be able to engage the tens of thousands of affiliates who will sell for you.

Finally, I want you to think about what skills you have which you could teach in this quickly expanding Internet based action movies.

Then think about, what is the cost of not taking action on your dreams? I’m not referencing the method that you choose to make money online, but rather, the cost of not taking action, period. You don’t want to sit on the sidelines and watch others play the game.

So jump in, take action, and join us in this amazing adventure called entrepreneurship. I can’t wait to see you on the inside!

Learn how to make money with digital publishing