How to generate more traffic to your business website

This article covers three search engine optimization tips for generating more traffic to your local business website. Many business owners don’t realize that it can take up to a year to see the results of SEO. Do not think there is a problem just because the ranking movement hasn’t happened in the first three months. The best practice is to not stop linking. Don’t let your impatience or lack of trust, stop what will be a very positive result. Google does not want site search rankings to be easily manipulated, so it makes sense that if you hang in there, you’ll see very good results. But quit early, and your competitor will regain whatever lead you had and then some. 

Having a well-designed website with a clear call to action is vital for your business to improve its online presence. SEO is an essential activity for all local businesses, but SEO alone will not drive more leads if your site is not structured well, or your offer not competitive. Many small business owners do not know the number of leads their site generates. In fact, many owners consider their site to be an expense instead of a marketing tool. This is a wrong perspective since a quality website will generate leads (and even sales) while you and your team are sleeping – 24/7. One of the challenging questions is where to start if your site isn’t working for you. Let’s take a look at three aspects to consider for better online performance.

  1. Traffic is about balance and tracking. With PPC, SEO, and print media, you should know which advertising channel performs the best and returns the maximum ROI. Be sure to track each source to minimize unneeded expenses so that you can optimize your impact in the market. Of all traffic driving approaches for your website, SEO always will return the highest ROI for the smallest investment.
  2. Do your visitors take action when they come to your site? Do people have an easy way to contact you? It is vital that you make it as simple and painless as possible for someone to take action. If you want them to buy, there should be a very clear ‘buy button’ or if you want them to call or complete a form, make sure it’s very easy for them to do these things. To improve conversion you may need a new landing page with better messages. Less is more and make it simple to act.
  3. Not everyone will be ready to call or visit when they first come to your site. You should have an email newsletter where those who want to keep in touch with your business can be notified about upcoming special events, etc. One of the most underutilized marketing tools is the email newsletter. A highly converting website must have a way to track who has visited your website and to help you understand your traffic, be sure to have Google Analytics installed on the website.

Enhancing your site for greater search engine exposure is a process. As for improving your search ranking, regretfully there is not a single secret, but with the assistance of an expert search engine optimization company, your site can be a much more effective marketing tool. With consumers telling Google that 8 out of 10 of their search queries are starting in a search engine, and 4 out of 10 are a mobile search query, it is likely that when someone is looking for what you provide, they will start by asking Google on their phone. Isn’t it time to move your business to the next level with free traffic from Google?

To learn more about local SEO, watch the following video.

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SEO vs PPC, which returns the highest ROI?

For the small business owner, PPC has become a staple advertising method for its ease and perceived ability to drive traffic. But what if I told you that up to 90% of your clicks are actually invalid, perhaps even fraudulent?

Watch this short video to learn about what you may be missing and why SEO can return up to a 10x ROI over PPC.

PPC vs. SEO – Click Fraud is Rampant, Get educated from seorankeragency on Vimeo.

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Video: Growth Hacking – Kauffman Founders School

Anita Newton thinks it is time for small business owners and startup founders to start thinking like data scientists as we move from execution to optimization in the marketing journey. This short video provides an excellent look into growth hacking and how to turn your business into a new customer acquisition machine.

If you are wondering what growth hacking is and how to run experiments to improve customer acquisition and engagement, you’ll find this video useful.

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Video: Why small business websites must be mobile optimized

Google recently made an announcement that every small business owner should pay attention to, and that is, shortly they will be dividing their nearly infinite database into separate mobile and desktop versions.

As a result, it’s thought that there will be winners and losers, as counter-intuitively those publishers with mobile sites and stripped-down content will have less for Google’s search bot’s to hit.

Where this could be problematic for those web publishers who are currently serving reduced information to optimize the mobile experience, is that the mobile index will be the preferred index unlike today where the desktop leads. This may lead to lower rankings in search on mobile devices, but now even desktops could be affected.

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As a result of this index split publishers will have no choice but to offer richer, higher quality pages on mobile, as Google prioritizes their mobile index over the desktop.

According to Google’s webmaster trend analyst, Gary Illyestold Search Engine Land that this could happen in the next few months.

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